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«The training is very strenuous but also fun. He explains the tasks super well with many examples from everyday life, so you can really imagine it. My service became much better and faster as a result.»

Kilian (13)

«As a sports doctor and former tennis player, I know the needs of professional and junior athletes very well! Quick appointments with the doctor, consultation at the highest level and immediate initiation of the right therapeutic measures are as much a part of our standard as the intensive exchange with the Vukajlovic Tennis School. Thanks to the well-rehearsed teamwork between the tennis school and MedBase, we can treat the athletes as quickly as possible and get them back on the court.»

Dr. Fabian Schaller


«I find the training with Tibor very good. On the one hand, he trains very professionally and tennis-specific and on the other hand, he conveys the fun of the sport. Therefore it is of great use to me and at the same time it is a lot of fun :)»

Sami Reinwein (27)

ATP 488, Swiss Ranking N2 (14)

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«My training sessions are very varied. The fitness training is very intensive, but afterwards you feel top.»

Seraina (17)

«Tibor is there for the student from the first minute of training. He is always in a good mood and motivated. He has an unbelievable eye for technique and manages to get the most out of the student's existing possibilities with just a few corrections. This is a gift that I admire and that makes me go into training again and again full of joy. After each session I am exhausted, happy and leave the tennis court with great satisfaction. It's just fun. Thanks Tibor.»

Daniela Gietz (37)

Swiss Ranking R3

«It's an incredible experience, feeling like a top 100 in the world, with very good training. The team has a lot of passion and they are always willing to improve as coaches and players.»

Bastian Parada (28)

Swiss Ranking N3

«The tennis lessons are professional, well thought out and are dedicated to a simple, bigger goal: to become better. The exercises are very self-contained and varied.»

Severin Steiner (18)

Swiss Ranking N4

«With just a few instructions Tibor manages to convey exactly what I need to hear to improve my technique. Tibor has an unbelievably good eye, which, for me unimpressive mistakes in my technique, have a big impact on my playing. Through the training I was able to improve my technique and my game by several levels after a short time.»

Markus Schweingruber (46)

Swiss Ranking R5

«The training is goal-oriented and intensive: from fitness to technical exercises and competition training. As a trainer, he is characterised by his relaxed approach as well as his rigour at the right time. Fun and competition are under one roof here.»

Björn Das (24)

Swiss Ranking R2

«Tibor explains technically and tactically very understandable. I have made great progress. He is also a very motivating coach and makes the training very varied. He is also always in a good mood.»

Denise Reutter (40)

«In training as well as in the whole environment a very very pleasant atmosphere! You have the feeling you learn from the best and want to step on the gas more and more! Within a short period of time I made a lot of progress and can only say a big compliment or thank you to Tibor and his team!»

Michael Panic (25)

«I think Tibor is totally funny because he makes a lot of jokes and for example always pulls his hands away when he's giving a high five. The training is often very exhausting, but always cool, so I have a lot of fun with tennis.»

Elin (9)

«With a lot of verve, power and positive influence, Tibor can improve your own technique in the training sessions with always small adjustments. I think this is great and is also really fun. Keep it up, I thank you Tibor for everything.»

Sue Deflorin Martin (43)

Swiss Ranking R8

«Training is great!»

Matthias (9)

«Got a great forehand now. I look forward to training every time!»

Nina (12)

«The best doubles partner in the world. Thanks, Tibor. Look forward to next time.»

Nicola Erb (25)

«I have been training for years in the tennis school of Tibor Vukajlovic. Here I have the opportunity to play with many top tennis players. The trainings are varied and intensive. I can recommend the tennis school to everyone. Thanks for everything!»

Daniel Suter (27)

Swiss Ranking R4

«The training is built up anew every day, thought out to the smallest detail, whether for me as a competitive athlete or for other recreational players. The coach incorporates new training elements every day. He always puts his heart and soul into his work and motivates me to go beyond my limits. I am very grateful for this, because from my own experience I can say that training with Tibor stands out: it is personal, specific, efficient and above all, it is done with the right communication by involving the wishes of the player. Personal values and wishes are taken seriously and are worked out together in a targeted manner. In this way, a lasting cooperation with many memorable moments and in my case an open path to the goal is achieved.»

Karin Kennel (24)

Swiss Ranking N2 (11), WTA 409